“Will You Be My Partner?”

2 July 2013 – Day 9

After viewing the mountain gorillas it was time to head all the way back to Nairobi, thus this day was a border day. We had a welcome late start accompanied by a cooked breakfast by my cook group (beans & scrambled eggs). A local decided that he’d join in with our breakfast and started to help himself to baked beans and toast, much to our astonishment. We never worked out if he was staying in the hostel or not. The hostel itself happened to be a Catholic mission. Our dorm room had a glow in the dark statue of Jesus on the cross that hung on the wall above my bed – a little bit on the creepy side.

On the truck that day we organised a sweepstake for the name of the Royal Baby. We took the most popular name predictions and stuck them in two “hats” (plastic bags), one for boys’ names and the other for girls’ names. Due to the fact we couldn’t tell when the baby would be born and that some of the trip members would be leaving in Nairobi before the baby was born, we agreed to pay our $2 once the result had been announced. 

At the border I had a brief chat with the immigration officer in French (an official language of Rwanda thanks to colonialism), proof that the thousands of pounds I’m spending on a language degree is 100% worth it (note the sarcasm)…

3 July 2013 – Day 10


Back in Uganda, this time Kabale. We trekked up a “slight hill” (read: massive hill that went on for like an hour) in the unfaltering heat to a local orphanage sponsored by Oasis. They showed us around the buildings and then we were treated to performances and dances by the children who live and go to school there. Words can’t do justice to the beauty of the view and scenery there so photos will have to do. We danced for what felt like 3 hours in the hot Ugandan heat and were then treated to a local dish for lunch. I still have many of the songs they sang to us in my head (including “Will you be my partner?”, a very catchy song that we must have danced to at least four times if not more.)


After our trip to the orphanage we crossed the lake by canoe before arriving at a local campsite for some cool down drinks – a nice way to end the day. 



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