Rolling Down That Hill

4 July 2013 – Day 11

The following day involved a long drive, taking us from Kabale back to the equator and the same café we had previously stopped at for early morning muffins and coffee on the drive to Rwanda. This time this spot was our camp for the night, not that I slept much – there were a strange array of noises in the fields surrounding our site, from the weird alarm coming from the café to the animals lurking nearby.

5 July – Day 12

The next day we set off to Jinja, a location famous for its water-based activities. Here, against my better judgment and previous assertions that there was no way in hell anyone would ever get me in an inflatable raft and shove me of a number of waterfalls, I signed up for the Grade 5 White Water Rafting. What can I say – their pitch was excellent. Following the induction talk, the few of us who chose to upgrade (including me) went to inspect our room. Basic, but it offered the luxurious option of a mattress over our tents so we were more than happy.

A welcome hot shower preceded our first activity – a boat cruise on the Nile. This basic formula of any boat cruise like this is that they provide the open bar and we provide the entertainment. We certainly did just that, only beginning our evening by jumping off the boat at the end of the cruise into the Nile before staggering up the steep hill to the campsite bar. Naturally what happens on tour must stay on tour, but highlights include certain members of the truck rolling down the hill in the red soil and ruining their white clothes and then much later we were treated to some alarming vomiting noises outside our room.



6 July – Day 13

Predictably almost every single one of us spent the whole day nursing hangovers and making use of the free WiFi at the campsite. There was a rugby match on so that entertained most. There were a few cancelled horse riding trips that day too which really didn’t surprise any of us.


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